As Kentuckiana anticipates a shift in weather, crews in Indiana and Kentucky began preparing for the bad weather overnight.

The main concern has been the rain and the possibility that it might freeze. Although the temperatures are warmer today, the below-freezing temperatures from yesterday will make an impact on the roads.

Crews with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and the Louisville Department of Public Works spent the night laying down salt to ensure safe roadways this morning. Crews have been monitoring the road temperatures to know when and where to lay salt.

If you'd like to know if there has been salt laid in your area, check out this link showing the metro snow routes. Roads in green have been salted and you can check to see what time they were treated.

"Because we've had so many days below freezing in a row, our pavement temperatures are actually a few degrees colder than the air temperatures," said Andrea Clifford of the KY Transportation. "And that means that even though it's 40 degrees in the air, any precipitation that falls, if the pavement temperature is below freezing, it's going to freeze on contact."

Many of the main roads in the metro area are clear, but less trafficked areas may be slick. Even if it just looks like rain, take some extra time this morning for your commute!