SPOKANE, Wash. — An Idaho couple brought home pictures from their Canadian vacation people are going crazy over.

Cassie Beyer and her husband Donald Poster were taking scenic photos of the British Columbia wilderness when they saw a grizzly bear chasing a bicyclist down the highway.

Cassie Beyer

“My husband slammed on the breaks and I didn’t know what he was doing until I saw this. I already had my camera out,” said Beyer.

Beyer said they stopped in the middle of the road and laid on their horn.

According to Beyer the two saw the bear first, but then noticed a biker peddling quickly uphill with a fully-loaded bike.

Photo: Cassie Beyer

A driver in a pickup heading in the same direction as the cyclist came down the highway and started honking his horn to distract the bear from the cyclist, she said.

Photo: Cassie Beyer

She said the truck pulled up between the bear and the cyclist.

Beyer said after the truck pulled up, she felt that the biker was safe.