You likely already have your Christmas Tree up, but those decorations can pose a danger to your kids.

Doctors say it's actually common this time of year to see injuries from ornaments.

Cuts from glass ornaments are documented as the most common injury. Many ornaments also have small trinkets inside or attached to them that can cause your child to choke.

Doctors at the Cleveland Clinic recommend putting glass ornaments at the top of your tree and out of children's reach.

According to Dr. Purva Grover from the Cleveland Clinic, hooks can also pose a hazard. "The hooks per se are not sharp enough for the most part to cause any deep damage to extremities if they were to grab it," said Dr. Grover. "But if they were to poke themselves in the eye that's not good."

She also warns parents about children ingesting the hooks, "Those are sharp pointed things and can cause a lot of damage."

You are also encouraged put animated ornaments on the upper portions of the tree, as they can attract kids and the batteries, if ingested, can make them sick.

After decorating your tree, doctors recommend doing a sweep of the area to make sure any stray hooks or ornament pieces aren't lying around.