When a new business moves into Nashville, Tenn., the company’s phone starts ringing with calls from the welcome wagon.

On the other end of the line are Nashville’s most prominent and influential CEOs. These are power players who run the city’s largest companies, but still take time to engage with fellow business leaders and shape the strategic planning that’s turned Music City into an emerging economic juggernaut.

The CEOs don’t simply call to welcome them to Nashville — they also share advice or assistance to help with the company’s transition into a new city.

This outreach is just one example of how Nashville’s corporate community is making growth its business. The city’s business leaders say that intense corporate engagement is exactly why Nashville is poaching talent from larger metro areas and building itself up as one of the fastest growing cities in the country.

And it’s what many here in Louisville say is the secret sauce that our community lacks — and needs to better develop — in order to thrive and grow.

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