It's a building you may pass by often but never get a chance to see what goes on inside.

Behind the doors of Jefferson County's Youth Detention Center, there are people working to help some of Louisville's most troubled kids. But they are at a critical staffing level right now and it's not because they can't get enough applicants.

Ursula Mullins is the director of the Jefferson County Youth Detention Center downtown. She says they have 15 vacancies for program workers and they are doing what she calls a hiring blitz.

It's not a shortage of our applicants sometimes it really does dwindle down to qualifications of applicants and coming back with those drug tests that are negative that really weed out a lot of those folks who do apply and have applied and turning them into employees.

Director Mullins says none of the programs have been impacted by this shortage.

If you or someone you know is interested in being employed at the Jefferson County Youth Detention Center, you can apply here.