Here we are Monday and the Louisville vs Clemson game is all the talk around the Louisville area. It was the game everyone expected it to be. Two very tough teams battling it out till the very last play. That last play though has a lot of people on the Internet asking "Why!?!"

For those of you who didn't watch it, here is a quick run down on the last play.

Louisville was facing 4th-and-12 with just under a minute to go in the game. Lamar Jackson found James Quick open in the flat and threw him the ball. Quick turned up the field and ran toward the sideline. He was then met by a Clemson defender and was knocked out-of-bounds just short of the first down. That ended the game.

After that play, the Internet exploded with tweets saying that he could have cut inside and got some extra yardage or even a touchdown.

After watching the play again, it seems as if Quick thought he had the first down. You see him make the gesture right after he went out-of-bounds.

So, of course, the Internet began to break down the play and come up with ideas as to why Quick did what he did.

One of those ideas is that the sideline crew in charge of the chains did not have the markers close enough to the sideline for Quick to make a better decision and go for the extra yardage. Could this be why he was gesturing as if he got the first down? Plus to fuel this idea, a video posted to twitter showed one of the sideline crew cheering when Quick was knocked out of bounds.

Now, according to NCAA rules, the first down marker is supposed to be "approximately" six feet from the sideline. This is why you see the field surrounded by a thick line of painted turf.

So, what are your thoughts? Do you think the sideline crew could have done a better job and moved the marker up closer where it should have been? Or was that play on James Quick and him not fighting for that extra yardage and possible touchdown?