LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – There will be a rally tonight in the California neighborhood on the heels of a petition asking police to stop what some are calling unnecessary harassment.

So far the petition has about 100 signatures and supporters are expected to be at the rally tonight.

The petition is asking for action from the mayor, the police chief, and Major Jimmy Harper, commander of the 2nd Division.

Major Harper says even though he has not received a formal complaint, he still often checks body camera video. “Those body cameras tell the real story and if an officer has made a mistake, we pull that video up and we can tell, hey, you made a mistake you need to justify and if you can't justify them and you're wrong, then they will be dealt with.”

Major Harper says it is always possible that officers have fallen through the cracks, and if there is an incident in which you think an officer didn't act appropriately you should always report it.

The rally will take place at 18th Street and Wilson at 7 p.m.