Either you love it or you don't.

The "rainbow" house in Peoria, Arizona, belongs to Ernie Leas.

With over 100 colors painted around his entire house, Ernie wants to keep expanding his artwork.

"I want to make this the best artwork possible," said Ernie.

Ernie has a passion for art and after he retired from being a Phoenix firefighter for 37 years, he has spent most of the time embracing art in Phoenix.

Reporter: "You'll have people actually just stop in front of your house, just to look at it?"

Ernie: "Yes, yes, they will make a special trip just to see the house."

And he isn't done repainting his house either.

"I'm still at a loss for what exactly I am going to do, I'm trying to put together some ideas," said Ernie.

He says he that whatever he brainstorms on paper, is what the entire community will see painted on his house.

Our sister station 12 News contacted the City of Peoria since Ernie's neighborhood does not have a homeowner association.

"Residents have been expressing concerns over a period of months for previous text and graphics on the house as well as a variety of vehicle related concerns," said Jay Davies from Peoria’s police code enforcement unit.

The city mentioned that files have been charged against Ernie for disorderly conduct for an image that was considered obscene and code enforcement notices for debris in the public view.

Ernie did comply with all the notices and now, there is no ordinance prohibiting this paint scheme said Davies.

Ernie is eager to start on his new home project and he says he receives nothing but compliments about his art on his house.

"I've had two other neighbors consider doing artwork on their home, they haven't done anything at this point, but there is an interest," said Ernie.