LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Is Governor Matt Bevin's Anchorage home a mansion or an old house in need of repair? That was the question up for debate on Wednesday by a property tax appeals board.

At the center of Wednesday’s hearing was the value of the improvements done to the Governor's 150-year-old home in Anchorage which his own attorney called a mansion without many accurate comps nearby.

They claim that since the 8,000 square home still has moisture issues that have destroyed the home's foundation, along with lead paint issues, bad doors, and soft floors the total value of the home and the surrounding 10 acres, which Bevin purchased should be valued around $1.39 million. The value is significantly lower than the $2.97 million the PVA had assessed for the home and 19 acres that make up the entire property.

Assessor John May said his estimates for the home and 19 acres were $2.15 million.

Gov. Bevin paid $1.65 million for the property using an LLC.

"You get the land first,” said Mark Sommer. “You get the land fixed first in a real estate appeals case, and the house follows. I think you saw a reflection of that premise and saw that in practice today."

The hearing in itself was unusual, it is PVA policy to not hear reassessments of elected officials, but since Bevin's home was in an LLC they deemed this case eligible.

After nearly two and a half hours of arguments, both sides agreed to arrange a tour of the Anchorage home and property which will take place on August 1, but the media is not invited.

Of the 1,100 active appeals, this is only the second tour requested in 2017.