LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Chances are you'll see political costumes at your Halloween gatherings this weekend, but we wondered whether the Commander-in-Chief was a "huge" seller this year in Louisville.

Candidate Donald Trump was a top seller last year at many costume shops including Caufield’s Novelty, a landmark at Main and 10th Streets.

Owners at Caufield’s say costume sales is often a reliable gauge of who will win a Presidential election. So, how’s POTUS doing in his first year in office?

Store owners say scary clowns and super heroes are flying off shelves this year but just like every year, political characters are hot too.

Presidential election years drive the best sales for political masks although Trump was even popular long before he became President according to Tracy Caufield Johnson.

“They are always. When we have an election year, the candidates are always hugely popular. The next year, not as much,” said Caufield Johnson. “But trump has still been popular just not like last year.”

This year, she says, the most popular political mask is for North Korean Dictator Kim Jon-un.

Caufield Johnson says the Korean Dictator's masks were a late addition to the inventory and there may be a simple explanation for the surge in sales.

“Well, he's a little scary. So, Halloween is a scary time but I also think that people want to make light of a situation that actually scares them a little bit, poke fun of him because he is a scary character,” she said.

Caufield's owners expect President Trump to remain a top seller because he's a president and a controversial character. Both traits benefit mask sales.

But because he's an elected official he cannot cash in on royalties for costume sales.