INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WHAS11) -- Lawmakers in Indiana go back into session on Jan. 3, and they have multiple big issues to consider.

Sunday alcohol sales

For years lawmakers discussed the possibility of allowing Sunday alcohol sales, but the proposal hasn't made it far. This year, the idea has the support of some key leaders in the Republican party.

The Alcohol Code Commission supports a plan to allow Sunday alcohol sales that would allow grocery, liquor and convenience stores to sell alcohol from noon until 8 p.m. on Sundays.


Another bill that could be introduced would remove the permit requirement for carrying firearms in Indiana.

Right now, Hoosiers have to apply for a permit and can be denied by the Indiana State Police for a variety of reasons, including felony or domestic violence convictions and certain drug and alcohol violations.

Under the proposal, those people would technically be prohibited from carrying firearms, but police would not be able to vet people in advance as they do now.

The bill sponsor has brought up this legislation for the past three years, but it has failed every time.

Opioid epidemic

State Senator Jim Merritt plans to continue his plan to end the opioid epidemic in Indiana with more legislation this year.

His plans include increasing sentencing for drug dealers, requiring lockable pain medication bottles and increasing the number of locations that will take back unused medication.

Governor Eric Holcomb is also planning on opening more treatment centers and improve drug overdose reporting.