LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- Kentucky Senator Rand Paul met with local business leaders but the conversation also turned to the growing tensions with North Korea.

Kentucky's Junior Republican Senator insists that Congress must decide when to go to war and he's hoping China will step in and prevent a need for military action with North Korea.

Senator Paul was at the Jim Beam headquarters taking part in a closed-door meeting with Bullit County business leaders.

Their forum focused on the booming bourbon industry and economy. Senator Paul called the industry a bright spot in the Kentucky economy saying the chamber and business leaders he met with on April 20 are excited about visitors pouring in from around the world and growing exports.

But we also spoke with him about plans to repeal and replace Obamacare and a looming government shutdown if a budget is not passed.

He voiced concern that the current plans being discussed offer too many subsidies for insurance companies and said Congress has a lot of work ahead of them on both topics.

As for the bombing in Syria and concerns with North Korea, Senator Paul suggested any president, Republican or Democrat, going to war without Congressional approval was acting unconstitutionally and getting China involved in easing tension in Asia should be a priority.

“I think we need to convince China that we have no real ambitions in North Korea,” Paul said. “We just want there to be stability and that message needs to get through loud and clear to North Korea and I hope it does.”

Paul recently went golfing with President Donald Trump a couple of weeks ago. He called the president a fun person to golf with and kidded about a wager he made with the president.