LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – U.S. Congressman John Yarmuth says he has faith in the ability of Catholic voters to make sense of the allegations against Hillary Clinton.

Kentucky’s 3rd District Representative has campaigned for the Democratic Presidential Candidate. Rep. Yarmuth even took the stage to rally an audience in the days before The Commonwealth’s primary election.

During a one-on-one interview with WHAS11 Political Editor Chris Williams, Congressman Yarmuth commented on a range of topical issues including those e-mails WikiLeaks claims to have hacked from high-ranking Clinton campaign officials.

Democrat Catholic voters in Jefferson County should play a large role in the Congressman's re-election bid.

Recently, WikiLeaks claimed to have uncovered e-mails from Clinton campaign officials that were critical of Catholic voters. Democratic Party officials refuse to deny or confirm the e-mails. We asked Congressman Yarmuth how he thought those voters will respond to the leaks.

“I have found Catholic voters in this community to be extremely intelligent, discerning voters, concerned about a lot of things including handling refugees, immigration reform, hunger, very very important issues. So I don't worry about them casting a vote based on that”, Rep. Yarmuth said.

Yarmuth is optimistic when it comes to most of the races on the General Election ballot.

Polls suggest that his seat is likely to stay Democratic despite a challenge by Republican Harold Bratcher.

But as many wait to see how the nasty race at the top of the ticket impacts the rest of the ballot, he's confident in his party and the country.

"Well it's a painful election to watch, no question about that,” Yarmuth said. “But, in my estimation, you have one candidate who is very well qualified to serve as president and one who is totally unqualified to serve as president.”

Yarmuth has acted as a surrogate to Mayor Jim Gray in his Senate race against incumbent Republican Senator Rand Paul. The Congressman is supporting his party up and down the ballot.

"I'm feeling pretty good about my race,” Yarmuth said. “I feel very good about the presidential election overall.. I'm very concerned about the Kentucky House of Representatives and will be working very very hard to make sure it stays in democratic control.”

As for the future following this divisive election cycle, Yarmuth said, “I don't really worry about the future of the country. I think structurally we can survive. I am worried about the future of our politics and I think we've descended an enormous amount during this campaign. We've become very tribal. It's become like a U of L UK rivalry and nobody on the other team can do anything good and that's unfortunate and we need to get away from that. I don't know exactly what the answer is but that's what I worry about is our politics, not so much our government.”