LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Louisville Democratic State Representative Jim Wayne says he will not seek re-election when his current term expires. After 28 years serving as the 35th District’s State Representative, Wayne announced Tuesday morning that this will be his final term in office.

Rep. Wayne told WHAS 11 Political Editor Chris Williams that the decision to retire has nothing to do with health. It is just time. He battled larynx cancer in 2015 and battling back to seek re-election then. Doctors have told him that’s he cancer-free.

Rep. Wayne intends to serve out his term then give others a chance to take a seat he's held since George H.W. Bush was President of the United States.

“There comes a time in everybody's life when you recognize it's time to move on and give somebody else a chance,” said Rep. Wayne. “And at this point we have a number of younger people in my district who I think are very capable and interested in entering a leadership role in the political world and I want to give them a chance to test the waters and see what they can do.

Rep. Wayne said announcing his intentions Tuesday gives potential candidates a full year until next year's election. The primary filing deadline is in January and he says he intends to remain neutral as potential candidates come forward.