LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – “I have no plans to resign.” It’s the response Kentucky Speaker of the House Jeff Hoover released Saturday, just hours after Governor Matt Bevin’s blistering press conference condemning state officials involved in an alleged sexual harassment settlement.

Bevin did not mention any names in his press conference but Hoover said he was “disappointed” at the governor for asking for his and the resignation of others "who didn't have any involvement in the matter".

This stems from a report from the Courier-Journal where a legislative staff member threatened to derail his leadership role and the ongoing pension reform bill debate.

In his press statement, Rep. Hoover says Bevin has not contacted him or anyone else to receive their side of the story before “grandstanding” and has sought to be “judge, jury and executioner without hearing evidence”.

Hoover questions the timing Bevin’s press conference. He expresses in the statement, “One must wonder why he is so motivated to attack us unless his goal is to remove a voice that dares on occasion to disagree with him as I have done when he has made unnecessary statements attacking our teachers, state workers and retirees who are simply looking for better solutions to very serious problems facing our state.”

Hoover said he didn’t have any plans to resign and plans on continuing his work as Speaker through 2018. He also supports the leadership in looking into the accusations and looks forward to the results of the review.

Other state officials including Phil Moffett, Robert Benvenuti, Joe Fischer, Kim King, Stan Lee, Tim Moor, Russell Webber and Addia Wuchner released a joint statement refuting claims Rep. Hoover had the support of the Republican Caucus.

Rep. Moffet said in a tweet, "Without reservation I condemn the sexual harassment culture I believe to be prevalent in the Republican Speaker's Office." In addition to the tweet, the Republican representatives say they echo Governor Bevin's calls for those who were associated with the alleged sexual harassment settlement.