LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) - Senator Rand Paul (R) and his challenger Mayor Jim Gray (D) will debate each other before the election, but today they showed their differences over the Affordable Care Act.

The Lexington Mayor Jim Gray spent time at a voter registration drive at UofL today. He also discussed this week's comments by former President Bill Clinton that have created controversy on the campaign trail.

Clinton was critical of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obama Care, calling it a "crazy system" describing the rising insurance premiums some have faced since the law passed.

Senator Rand Paul has stood against the Affordable Care Act. Today, Jim Gray admitted that the law does need some work.

"I think the affordable care act needs fixing. I think work needs to be done on it, and I think that's some of what president Clinton was talking about. What I know is that employers, small businesses, they need relief, and the individual marketplace is in is not in a stable condition. So, we need to work on a lot of things on the Affordable Care Act, but I think you know if you ask people who've just gotten insurance if they think it's crazy. I don't think that they'll tell you that,” Gray said.

Senator Rand Paul released a statement reading: "Unlike Dr. Paul, a physician with firsthand experience and knowledge of the immense problems in healthcare - which were made worse by Obamacare, Jim Gray supports Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and their healthcare law that is driving up costs and causing insurers to leave Kentucky."