Though Capitol Hill seemed busy Thursday morning, the real place to be was downtown. D.C.’s hottest spot is- the Center Leg Freeway, also known as 395.

Twitter was exploding Thursday morning before, during, and after former FBI director James Comey’s open hearing.

WUSA9, a Tegna affiliate to WHAS11, used a heatmap in Tagboard, a social media content gathering tool, to see where people were talking about Comey the most. We used the three most popular hashtags: #ComeyTestimony, #ComeyHearings, and #ComeyDay.

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The heat map showed the White House was a hotbed of activity, though not from President Trump himself, who was out of town during the hearing.

However, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue wasn't the most active spot and neither was the U.S. Capitol or Hart Senate Office Building, where the hearing was held.

According to Tagboard, it was a stretch of land between two downtown buildings—buildings the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Georgetown University Law Center.

In almost a half-mile area, Twitter was on fire. People were tweeting, responding to each other, and searching for news related to Comey.

People followed along on social media throughout the hearing, even latching onto Comey's use of the word "lordy" during the testimony.