LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – The vote wasn’t close but the debate over the Blue Lives Matter bill exposed the divide between those for and against the plan that would categorize some crimes against police officers and first responders as hate crimes.

“Our criminal law enhances crimes for officers or firefighters who are harmed in the line of duty so why do we need this bill,” Senator Reginald Thomas, D-Ky Senate District 13, said.

HB14 is one of several bills the Senate heard since 2 p.m. Tuesday.

Also in the house, those impacting industrial hemp and the so-called Tim Tebow bill passed. That bill would allow homeschooled students to take part in public school extra-curricular activities.

With four days left in the session, Senate and House Bills passed their chamber still needing approval in the other – like a real ID bill.

A bill awaiting approval is the charter school plan pitched by Rep. Bam Carney.

“I think we will as we get closer but again, I acknowledge that the clock is ticking and I rather move it sooner rather than later,” Rep. Carney, R-Ky House District 51, said.

Chris Williams: “People see you all working feverishly like a bunch of ants trying to hustle away from a picnic at the very end of the legislative session. Are people going to feel bit when this is all said and done?

“You know, we’re not that much different from any type of job if you’ve hit a deadline coming. A lot of work gets done toward to the end – that’s how the legislative session is, so we’ve got a lot of work left to do. People need to watch the bills they care about, the bills that either you’re for or against to see what happens in the next few days,” Sen. Morgan McGarvey, D-Ky Senate District 19, said.

One of those bills should be SB1, which would effectively kill Common Core and bring education reform to the state.

It appears that bill won’t face a full final vote in the House until at least Wednesday.