LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Nearly a year ago, Kentucky Republicans were celebrating taking control of the house for the first time in a century. Today, their house leader avoided cameras and questions as the caucus met to discuss the sexual harassment scandal.

November 8, 2016, the man expected to be elected speaker, Representative Jeff Hoover, celebrated on stage with Governor Matt Bevin and Senate President Robert Stivers. But a report this week in the Courier-Journal claims Speaker Hoover settled a sexual harassment suit with a young female staffer threatening to derail not only his leadership role but the pension reform bill debate.

Today's caucus meeting was initially scheduled to discuss possible changes to the pension plan that has struggled to gain support in the house. Instead, they're also facing the decision regarding what to do about Speaker Hoover as well.

Speaker Hoover did not address cameras afterward, but House Majority Leader Jonathan Shell did insist Hoover is still speaker, the allegations are allegations and the caucus is focused on handling the pension crisis.

“Right now, we're working off of rumor and allegation and what we're trying to do is work on this pension issue,” Shell said.

WHAS11 spoke with multiple members of the Republican Caucus who voiced concern about leaving Speaker Hoover in leadership.

Representative Shell insists Speaker Hoover has the full support of the caucus.