JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WHAS11) -- After the opening of a multi-million-dollar steel processing plant in Jeffersonville, Ind. Governor Eric Holcomb commented on the ongoing healthcare debate.

With a vote expected in days, Gov. Holcomb said he supports the plan known as the Graham-Bill.

Contrary to claims made by some who oppose the plan, the Indiana Republican contends that the bill would not end HIP 2.0, the Healthy Indiana Program which is the state's Medicaid expansion.

"I want Indiana to have more control and flexibility for our own destiny and I'm just absolutely convinced we can,” said Gov. Holcomb. “There is a better way, not to mention the $20 trillion debt that's occurring on the federal front. I’m convinced that we'll continue to cover Hoosiers that need that coverage and the Healthy Indiana Program that we have worked so hard on. We'll continue to cover those folks into the foreseeable future if we get the control and the flexibility here at the state level. Now, that'll cause some other folks to make a lot of reforms around the country but we need to because the current system is simply unsustainable.”