FRANKFORT, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Governor Matt Bevin spent his first day back after meeting with the nation's governors in back-to-back meetings at the Capitol. He made the rounds on network programs while in DC. His mood upon returning to work in Frankfort was energized and optimistic.

It’s an interview you'll only see on WHAS11.

“I think the fact that Kentucky is a leader in ways that frankly we've probably never been,” said Governor Matt Bevin. “I truly would say maybe not since Henry Clay has Kentucky had as much influence in Washington as we do now.”

Who could blame Gov. Bevin for the optimism? His party is in control of his seat, the Kentucky House and Senate and President Donald Trump appears to have taken an interest in the Republican from Kentucky. President Trump cited Gov. Bevin while discussing the Affordable Care Act in front of a joint session of Congress.

"I was grateful for it,” said Gov. Bevin. “It's humbling frankly when you have somebody in that position do it. I think it's an honor to the people of Kentucky, it's a testament to the fact that we do have his ear. I've had multiple meetings with him personally, with our Vice President, with members of their administration. I know a number of his cabinet secretaries personally and fairly well."

And it's that relationship, and being on the same page over the future of “Obamacare”, that has the governor more optimistic than ever that the Federal Government will grant Kentucky's 1115 Medicaid expansion waiver.

But his predecessor, former Governor Steve Beshear, was in the national spotlight Tuesday night too delivering the Democratic Party’s response to the President's speech.

Gov. Bevin said he scratched his head over an apparently flubbed line that became the focus of social media posts.

“It was not it was not Kentucky's finest foot forward. I am happy to know that my predecessor is not only a proud Republican but that apparently he is mostly American as well,” Gov. Bevin said with a smile. “And that's good. I take comfort in that fact. But it was not Kentucky's shining moment.”