LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- A Kentuckian with unique insight has advice for those feeling anxious about the developing situation in Washington, D.C., avoid judgment until all the facts are in.

The former US Attorney for Kentucky's Eastern District, Kerry Harvey, has worked with some of the key players involved. He’s handled high-profile prosecutions of defendants with political connections on both sides of the aisle and currently heads the investigation into the LMPD Explorer Program.

Mr. Harvey worked closely with former acting Attorney General Sally Yates and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein and praised their professionalism.

“Whatever decision that Sally Yates makes, or made, you may agree or disagree, but I can give you an absolute guarantee that she's doing what she thinks is right,” Harvey said of Yates.

A President Obama appointee, the former U.S. Attorney is keenly aware that many in the public view politically appointed positions with skepticism. But Mr. Harvey insists that there can be a fair and thorough investigation into allegations of Russian attempts to influence the presidential election.

“Well, of course we all bring our own political beliefs to these jobs, to these circumstances, but the facts are the facts and the law is the law and that doesn't change regardless of party.”

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