LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – There are calls from both the Kentucky Republican and Democratic parties demanding a Bullitt County candidate remove his name from the ballot.

Those calls come after Dan Johnson shared numerous controversial pictures on his Facebook page.

Many are calling those photos showing the Obama Family, the Black Lives Matter movement and those of middle eastern descent, racist.

“When you're an elected official you have to hold yourself up to a higher standard and clearly he did not measure up to that standard,” Tres Watson, Republican Party of Kentucky spokesman said.

“Not only that he's obviously a racist but that he had such bad judgment that he puts all this out on social media,” Daniel Lowry, Democratic Party of Kentucky Spokesman added.

The photos were given to WHAS11 News from Dan Johnson's Facebook page and prompted the Democratic Party to release a statement calling the posts racist.

“Is he the kind of guy you want representing Bullitt County and the state of Kentucky, he has been a national embarrassment,” Lowry stated.

This weekend, Johnson's own party sent him a letter asking him to remove his name from the upcoming ballot.

“This is not the sort of person we want representing our party, this is not the sort of value we want representing our party. We were swift and unequivocal in our denouncement of him,” Watson said.

In Tres Watson's 16 years of being involved in the Kentucky GOP party, he says they have never asked a candidate to remove their name.

“The Republican Party decides to condemn this candidate who they selected and that's important to note. This candidate was not selected by the people of Bullitt County, he was chosen by the Republican party,” Lowry said.

Johnson is running in District 49 in Bullitt County for the Kentucky State House.

Johnson's Facebook page also lists him as the Bishop of Louisville's Heart of Fire Church. Johnson made no mention of removing his name from the ballot and legally he doesn't have to.

He didn't win a primary but he was chosen after another candidate was suspended. He faces incumbent representative Linda Belcher in November.

Johnson sent WHAS11 News this statement, “I am not a racist and I have often stood alone as a white pastor. These efforts are politically driven and there is no racism in me.”

The Kentucky Democratic Party released this statement on Monday, Oct. 3,:

“The details emerged last week about a Republican candidate’s racist comments, but still we have heard nothing from Gov. Bevin on this issue. Republicans and Democrats have called for this candidate, who the Republican Party selected, to withdraw from the race, and that is the only appropriate action. Gov. Bevin is long overdue to join us in demanding that racism not be tolerated.”WHAS11’s Tabnie Dozier is covering this story and will bring reaction during the evening newscast. So far, Johnson has not responded WHAS11’s calls for comment.