LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- If you’re in Kentucky and watch TV this holiday weekend, or listen to the radio on your trip to Thanksgiving dinner, you'll likely see or hear an advertisement targeting upcoming votes for President Donald Trump’s tax reform plan.

The Conservative group 45Committee has purchased ad time in the Commonwealth's largest media markets targeting Senator Rand Paul because, shortly after the holiday break, he may again find himself at the center of attention on a big vote.

Brian Baker, President of 45Commitee explained that they're buying ads in several states targeting multiple lawmakers including Indiana where they focus on Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly.

The 30-second ad focusing on Senator Rand Paul began in Kentucky last week and uses one of his quotes from a national interview last month.

“I'm all in for tax cuts,” Senator Paul is heard explaining in an October interview, “and I'm completely on page with President Trump on the bigger the better".

45Committee's message then asks Kentuckians to call Senator Paul and urge him to vote yes.
“Senator Paul said he was all in for tax cuts but has not yet said whether or not he will vote for this specific bill,” Brian Baker said explaining why the Republican, Paul, was the focus of an ad from 45Committee.

We asked whether this conversation would be taking place had Senator Paul voted to end the affordable care act, Baker answered, “Well, clearly the two main legislative priorities right now were to end the Affordable Care Act and pass tax cuts and unfortunately Senator Paul would not vote yes on ending Obamacare and he has not yet said he will vote for tax reform so that's why we're very active all across Kentucky.”

We asked to interview Senator Paul regarding the ad campaign, his state communications director sent us this statement:

"Senator Paul is committed to working with President Trump and Congress to pass the biggest, boldest, tax cut possible, and will continue to be a loud voice for across-the-board tax cuts for everyone - rich, poor, and middle class."

45Committee says they're spending about $10 million nationwide on this ad campaign and they'll continue to run ads until the vote which could happen shortly after Thanksgiving or in the first part of December.