LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- The controversial bill that would bring charter schools to Kentucky could get a vote from the Kentucky Senate by Wednesday night.

Senate President Robert Stivers stressed that this bill lays the groundwork for publicly funded, privately managed charter schools and more work will be needed in upcoming legislative sessions.

The bill has seen lots of opposition.

Critics are questioning the quality of teachers in the proposed charter schools, who can approve of them, and the lack of a funding mechanism in the current bill.

“You mean, c’mon, give me a break, this is a bad bill. If this is about educating our kids... this ain't the bill. Pardon my English, but it ain't the bill,” Daryl Owens, Dis. 43-(D), said.

Charter schools operate like private schools but are funded with taxpayer dollars. They are allowed the freedom to be more innovative while being held accountable for advancing student achievement. They do not charge tuition and are open to all children.

Opponents say they take money away from public schools.