LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- A Kentucky political candidate who has recently come under fire for social media posts about the Obama family, the Black Lives Matter movement and those of Middle Eastern descent vowed he will be staying on the ballot come November.

Dan Johnson, a Republican candidate running for District 49 in Bullitt County, calls himself a politically correct "sledgehammer" who will change Frankfort.

"Today isn't about racism. It wasn't about racism the other day. I'm thankful I can stand here as strong as I am, but strong with in the 49th District, the district that is me. We have people, I can't rest, not for people against me but for people being for me," Johnson said during a news conference on Tuesday.

Recently there have been calls from the Kentucky Republican and Democratic parties demanding Johnson remove his name from the ballot.

“When you're an elected official you have to hold yourself up to a higher standard and clearly he did not measure up to that standard,” Tres Watson, Republican Party of Kentucky spokesman, said.

“Not only that he's obviously a racist but that he had such bad judgment that he puts all this out on social media,” Daniel Lowry, Democratic Party of Kentucky Spokesman added.

Johnson, on Tuesday, appeared to take pride in the GOP's call for him to exit the race saying others have been told to quit too, including a presidential candidate and governor. He mentioned Donald Trump by name saying he was thankful Trump hasn't dropped out.

Johnson didn't win a primary but he was chosen to run in the 49th District after another candidate was suspended. He faces incumbent representative Linda Belcher in November.

Johnson sent WHAS11 News this statement on Monday: “I am not a racist and I have often stood alone as a white pastor. These efforts are politically driven and there is no racism in me.”