LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- There was somewhat of a surprise in store when we arrived for our one-on-one year-end interview with Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear. This year, unlike last, he would not be interviewed alone. This year, his wife Britainy was by his side taking part in the Q&A.

That lead to an obvious question and, while we focused on a number of topics, it was the clear place to start our conversation, will the Attorney General run for Governor of Kentucky?

“This is a partnership," General Beshear answered. “Every decision we make, the mission we pursue when we sat down and decided we were going to run for the Attorney General’s Office three, four years ago, it was about the why and we came to those decisions together what drives us.”

“My first job is to be a great dad and a great husband Andy Beshear continued, ‘’and my second job is to be the best Attorney General I can.”

When pressed as to why he had not clearly answered the question, the Democrat said, “We haven't made any decision there yet. There are too many needs in The Commonwealth right now and we're doing such great work here in the AG’s office.”

Our 24-minute conversation included questions about a new AG’s Office cold case unit funded by a Department of Justice grant which General Beshear called a big success of 2017. He said that success is one that will impact clearing the backlog of sexual assault test kits.

He anticipates the continued fight against opioid abuse will be a major focus again next year.
We also pressed General Beshear on sexual discrimination allegations made against a female staffer by a former female staffer. He insisted that the case, now in court, will clear the female supervisor in his office.

But the current social climate and scandals involving former House Speaker Jeff Hoover and three other State Representatives.

“These people work for the people of The Commonwealth so they need to not only speak in some investigatory process they need to speak directly to the people,” the Attorney General said. “What happened, what they knew and when they knew it and that's not just three or four individuals it's everybody.”

He said that he's confident, with transparency, the public will demand what happens next to Representative Hoover and the three other Republican lawmakers involved in that scandal.

We also asked about the allegations against State Representative Dan Johnson who, it was revealed this week, was accused of molesting a teenager several years ago.

“I believe in a victim-centered approach, “said Beshear.” When someone comes forward and makes the type of claims that this woman has I think you have to start your investigation believing and make sure they know that your job is to seek justice.”

He added, “Dan Johnson deserves due process but for a wide, wide variety of reason he should not be a sitting State Representative."

You can watch the full interview with General Andy and Britainy Beshear here.