LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS) -- Against a backdrop of yellow tape and flashing lights, Justin Curry, 29, found himself once again in the hands of the law, this time accused of murder.

LMPD officers found a man shot to death in an apartment in the 2000 block of Terril Lane in the Bashford Manor area Saturday evening. According to the police report, officers received a call from Curry, who claimed he had shot the man.

According to the report, Curry was at his home under the home incarceration program (HIP), which he had started just days earlier on August 1.

Bishop Dennis Lyons with the VOICE of Louisville is familiar with HIP, which he said has been proven to be a good system when it comes to non-violent criminal offenders.

"The whole system is stopped up like a stopped up drain and everything is backed back," Lyons said. "It still gives that person an opportunity not to become a burden on the system."

HIP drew headlines this past week when a Jefferson County arraignment court judge released Deandre Williams on home incarceration after Metro Police said Williams admitted to shooting and killing Robert Leachman Wednesday afternoon, a decision that struck close to home with Lyons, who also pastors Gospel Missionary Church where Leachman worshipped.

"You never see it in any case where there is usually very violent or there is death," he said.

While Lyons believes each case is different, he said Curry's case could send a message to judges about HIP. According to court documents, Curry had been charged with drug possession and domestic violence in the past two months.

"We need to hold them accountable for trying to address the needs of the community, especially when you're putting the community in harm's way," Lyons said.