(ALLTHEMOMS.com) - Netflix has been there for us.

Late night can’t-believe-the-kids-are-finally-asleep streaming. Breastfeeding at 3 a.m. reality TV. Two minutes alone in the bathroom to catch up on “Narcos.”

Now they’ve stepped up when we’re Googling like crazy trying to come up with a theme for our kid’s birthday party.

Characters sing 'Happy Birthday'

With its Birthdays On-Demand, Netflix offers 15 featurettes with your kids favorite characters singing special birthday wishes. Among the characters are “Barbie,” “King Julien,” “My Little Pony” and “Trollhunters,” Think about it, the news release says, “No streamers, confetti (or headaches) needed.”

“…Which means parents everywhere can start celebrating — with less stress that comes with trying to plan the perfect party. The videos are the perfect special surprise for kids — no Pinterest [fails] needed.”

Lazy or fabulous?

Um…yeah. That’s one very optimistic (lazy) way to look at it.

And one I’m actually all for! Setting my kids in front of the TV to watch some videos with some sugary snacks? And calling it a party?

I just don’t think my kids will see it that way.

Still, let’s not be too hasty. Movie parties are a theme right? Get some popcorn. Turn the lights down low. Have someone kick the back of the chair every now and then.

Why not?