(INSIDE EDITION) -- As Hurricane Harvey devastates the Houston area, the strong storm left one woman facing an unexpected danger: Two alligators swimming around her flooded backyard.

Arlene Gonzalez posted a photo of the reptiles peeking above the surface Sunday on Facebook.

“Gators aren’t too uncommon,” Gonzalez told InsideEdition.com.

She explained her backyard faces Lake Olympia, and her family often spots baby alligators in the neighborhood in the spring.

“But, the shock of seeing your backyard underwater and two alligators,” Gonzalez said. “Surreal.”

Among the alligators, Gonzalez also saw frogs stuck to her windows and speculated snakes were also slithering in the water.

“I was prepared to throw out raw meat if I had to in order for them to leave,” she joked.

Officials have since declared Gonzalez’s neighborhood under mandatory evacuation — not because of the alligators but because locals expect the heaviest rains are still to come.

"No clue yet where I’m going," she said.