A bizarre photo of a shaved husky is going viral.

Twitter user @OmonaKami posted a picture of a husky fully shaved except for its head, saying, "If you've never seen a husky with absolutely no body hair then here you go. Enjoy."

One reason the photo is going viral because, well, it's a crazy picture.

But there's another more controversial reason.

Husky rescues warn that a Siberian Husky, or any breed with double-coated fur, "should never be clipped/shaved except in medical emergencies."

According to Tails of the Tundra Siberian Husky Rescue, dog breeds with double-coated fur should not be shaved because the undercoat traps a layer of cool air to insulate the dog against overheating.

Since the Siberian Husky has little pigmentation in its skin, the breed could also be more vulnerable to sunburn when their coats are short, the rescue said.

Shaving a husky can also ruin the coat, disturbing the proper shedding process, the rescue says.

Many Twitter users expressed concern.

Some Twitter users came to the defense of the owner, saying maybe there is a medical reason the husky was shaved.