Pittsburgh, Penn. (WHAS11) - After this weekend's storm, some streets in Pittsburgh turned into ice rivers. It slowed a lot of people down, but one man didn't think it'd stop him.

That's where he was wrong.

On his way to meet his wife at a casino, Jason Corbin decided to gamble with the flooded stretch of road known as "the bathtub."

"And I lost," he said.

Corbin said he thought he could safely make it through what he estimated was roughly two feet of water.

"I thought I would be able to go through, I was going fine. The person in front of me stopped, so I stopped, and then my truck died out. Water got up on me, air filter, and that was that."

EMS workers lowered ropes to Corbin, who after a couple of struggles, managed to pull himself onto the roof of his truck and put on a life vest.

As he waited to be rescued, Corbin began documenting the drama on his Facebook page.

His posts were teasingly self-depreciating, including one that read, "Here we go with my own stupidity in doing this stuff."

About a half-hour later, a rescue boat was able to get to him and pull him to safety.

Corbin leaves the experience obviously very fortunate and with a piece of advice to drivers, after learning it the hard way.

He wrote on Facebook, "Guys, when you see a lot of water, do not go through it."

"It's totally unbelievable," he said. "What a dingbat I am."