AVON, Conn. - A Connecticut couple got quite the unwanted surprise guest at their back door.

It’s just one of several bear sightings in the Avon area about ten miles west of Hartford.

While it’s not unusual to have bears wandering around, the persistence of one bear is putting residents on edge.

An Avon woman snapped a series of pictures of one bear climbing on her family’s deck last week. She said earlier that morning she had baked brownies.

It is not clear what prompted the bear’s curiosity, but it kept trying to get inside the house for about 30 minutes.

"Sometimes I let my dogs out in the back and do their thing,” Charlie Whitney told WVIT. “But now that seemed pretty aggressive and I may have to rethink letting my dogs out unsupervised."

The bear finally gave up and left.

Wildlife officials say bears showing up on decks or porches is becoming more frequent as the bear population grows.