(INSIDE EDITION) -- A woman has been charged with murder after she allegedly set the beds of her two young sons on fire.

Molly Joe Delgado, 29, allegedly locked her family, including her sleeping husband, inside their West Virginia trailer on the night of January 24 after setting fire to the beds, according to reports.

Delgado’s husband, Justin Delgado Sr., was reportedly awoken by smoke in the home but was unable to reach his children’s bedroom. When he tried to exit the trailer, he realized he was locked inside, reports said.

He reportedly opened a kitchen window to call for help.

Molly Delgado’s father, Drew McCombs, said his daughter was walking back to her home when she heard her husband yell that their trailer home was on fire, according to CBS News.

Once they got the door open, McCombs told the station that he and his wife went inside and tried to find the boys' bedroom, but the smoke was too thick.

"I got in there and I couldn’t see, I couldn’t see nothing — at all," McCombs said. "I couldn’t find them."

Delmer Delgado, 3, and Justin Delgado Jr., 5, were pronounced dead at the scene. Justin Delgado Sr. was treated for smoke inhalation.

Molly was arrested Wednesday, six weeks after her children were killed, after Assistant State Fire Marshal George Harms said she confessed to the arson.