Nashville, Tenn. (WHAS11) - A massive pile up in Tennessee had traffic backed up for miles on Friday.

That pile up happened just after noon. Multiple semi-trucks were involved in the accident, as well as a transportation department truck.

Road crews reported it took nine hours to clear, and no injuries were reported.

Walter Kohler, Jr., who was in the pile up, said, "My wife screamed and somebody hit us in the back, spun us out into the side, and then another semi-truck that couldn't stop, head-on-collision smashed us from the front. So we got hit in the back and the front."

Blizzard conditions also stretched from Kansas to the Dakotas.

A car in Missouri was seen losing traction in fresh snow, swerving a full 180-degrees.

And in the east, thawing conditions caused ice jams along the Great Lakes in upstate New York and flooding near Pittsburgh, ruining this entire lot of new cars