(USA Today) - A former U.S. Marine and expert marksman was charged Friday in a foiled ISIS-inspired attack planned for Christmas on San Francisco's Pier 39, according to federal court documents.

Everitt Aaron Jameson, a Muslim convert living in Modesto, Calif., cited President Trump's decision to name Jerusalem the capital of Israel as one of his reasons behind the plot on the famed pier, which the FBI says would have included explosives and guns.

Jameson first attracted FBI attention after the agency received a tip that he'd been interacting with Facebook posts praising the Islamic State, including one showing an image of Santa Claus in New York and a box of dynamite with the words, "We meet at Christmas in New York...soon," a federal affidavit states.

An undercover FBI agent talked with Jameson over the Internet. They eventually met in person and talked about Jameson possibly traveling overseas to fight for ISIS or initiating an attack in the U.S., a criminal complaint states.

Court documents show Jameson told the undercover agent he was "well versed" in the Anarchist Cookbook, a book detailing the construction of explosives.