An undecided voter who asked an earnest question at the presidential debate on Sunday night has become an overnight sensation.

Dressed in a humble red pullover, Bone asked a question about energy – but before he even finished, social media users were going crazy over his appearance.

In a multitude of memes, some compared him to Big Al, a character from Toy Story 2.

“Ken Bone IMMEDIATELY contacted after #debate to star in a live-action remake of Toy Story 2,” wrote one Twitter user.

Another user even put together a Ken Bone Halloween costume, complete with moustache, black glasses and red pullover.

And a third user said he was “BAD TO THE KEN BONE.”

Bone also got lots of attention for pulling out a disposable camera during the debate to snap a couple of shots of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. He even got to shake hands with President Bill Clinton after the debate.

In some other bizarre moments during the debate, a fly landed on Hillary Clinton's face.

She was mid-sentence when the black fly made its landing right between her eyes. Undeterred, Clinton continued with what she was saying.

A swarm of memes hit the web, with social media users joking that she was actually a robot form the TV series, Westworld.