LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS 11)--Noe Middle School in Louisville is celebrating its second ExCel Award winning teacher during the current academic year.

Theresa Reilly, who teaches 8th grade Algebra and advanced math classes was honored in a presentation at the school on March 16.

Mrs. Reilly's classroom is comprised of students working in small groups. She calls it the study team approach and allows the students to work out problems on their own.

The ExCel teacher moves quickly from table to table in her classroom, asking what she calls "guiding questions." As a teacher, Reilly pictures herself as more of a facilitator, getting the students engaged and active.

At Noe, Reilly has been a leader in reducing the "fear factor" associated with math. Assistant principal Ronda George says Reilly provides a point of entry for her students, giving them a chance to be successful despite their background or program level.

Reilly's math class can now add up the benefits of a one thousand dollar teacher grant provided by the ExCel sponsor, LG and E KU. And even toward the end of the school year, Reilly never stops pushing her students to improve.

George says Reilly doesn't allow her kids to opt out. She wants every student to perform and demonstrate that they have learned well in her classroom.

Reilly says she is preparing her students for high school, college and beyond. She says math is going to be a part of their lives especially in an age of new technology. Reilly says math is essential for just about every career path in the world.

She is the second Noe teacher to be honored with the golden apple this year. Choral director Caitlin Jennings received the ExCel in January.

Three more ExCel Awards will be presented this year, including next week in the Shelby County School District.