A masseuse with highly unconventional methods is literally sinking her teeth into A-list clients that include Mariah Carey, Katy Perry, Adam Levine, Simon Cowell and Kanye West.

Dr. Dot gives internal massages and helps her clients in chiropractic care. One of her treatments involves physically biting her patients.

“You taste really good today,” she told one client as Inside Edition’s cameras were rolling.

Dr. Dot is at her clients’ disposal and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. She will even travel to them.

She invited Inside Edition into one of her sessions where she showed her signature "bite massage" on client Alison Cornell.

Dr. Dot takes special precautions before she attempts to bite anyone.

“You have to keep one hand on the spine so you don't bite the spine,” she said.

She's careful to never bite any bones, only muscle, and or leave teeth marks.

“I've never broken the skin, never left a tooth mark," she said. "It's just red for a while because of the blood stimulation. But that's what you want, you want the blood stimulation. It loosens up the muscles. It brings blood to the area. It promotes healing."

"It feels great — it's tingly," Cornell said. "It feels good."

She added: "It's relaxing, but tough. I love it.”

For more information on Dr. Dot, visit her website.