LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) — Rusty Gootee, 65, has found money before, including $60 sitting in the dispenser of an ATM last week.

But that was nothing compared to what fell from the sky on the Watterson Expressway by the Taylorsville Road east onramp Saturday.

Cars pulled over and people got out for the cash grab, including Gootee and his son.

“Everybody jumping up and down laughing,” Gootee remembered.

In the end, he and his son pocketed $375.

“Had no idea where it come from,” Gootee said.

According to viewers’ emails, the money was from a fundraiser held by the Louisville Mothers of Twins Club.

The organization confirmed to WHAS11 that the money was in a locked cash box which fell out of one of their vehicles, hit the pavement and unleashed the windfall.

Gootee and his wife reached out to us on Facebook because they wanted to find who the cash belonged to in order to return it.

“Make me feel a little better if it gets back to the rightful owner,” Gootee said.

The Gootees plan to give it all back to LMOTC this weekend.

The organization couldn’t say for now how much money was lost.

By the way, that $60 Gootee found at the ATM, he says he returned that as well to the office where the machine was located.