Louisville, KY - Two young boys are able to smile again and enjoy one of their favorite hobbies due to the kindness of a local police officer.

According to Anthony Yurt's Facebook post, his garage was broken into and some of the things that were taken were the fishing equipment that the boys were given as Christmas gifts. Louisville Metro Police Officer Rach was the one who answered the call and showed up to take a report. He noticed the two boys crying and after talking with them, learned that the fishing equipment was from their "Papaw." Well, it just so happened that Officer Rach was an avid fisherman too.

So, later that day, Officer Rach came back to the home bearing gifts. He brought some tackle boxes and 2 rods for the boys. Yurt says in his post, "The boys were very excited and I am at a loss for words. This is an amazing act of kindness. Literally, I have no words. God bless this officer and keep him safe."

The Louisville Metro Police Department shared Yurt's post with their followers and also followed it up by saying, "This was sent to us by LMPD 3rd Division Major Frank Hardison. Thank you to the Yurts for this great message. If anyone knows them please tag them so they can know that we appreciate them! Great work Officer Rach. You make this Department proud and represent what we stand for!"