LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- This year, students at Louisville's Youth Performing Arts School are lucky to receive a brand-new way to learn music thanks to a high-tech piano lab. This new state-of-the-art Roland digital piano lab features fifteen new Roland HP-605 digital keyboards.

Students can plug their headphones into these keyboards and learn at their own pace, without disturbing other students.

These special keyboards are also Bluetooth capable, which will allow students to download apps on their phones and use digital flash cards, mix their own music, and more.

"These keyboards are much more like a piano," says Dr. Matilda Ertz, piano instructor at the Youth Performing Arts School. "They respond to everything that they're doing, the advanced repertoire that they're playing. They're very sensitive, very high quality, and very technologically advanced. A lot of opportunities to collaborate and use other types of media."

This lab was thanks to a generous donation from a non-profit group called the Producers as well as Gist Piano Center.