LOUISVILLE, Ky (WHAS11) -- A building on Broadway partially collapsed after a driver going the wrong way hit another vehicle and then crashed into a UPS Store.

That accident happened at the corner of South Shelby Street and East Broadway around 6:30 Thursday morning.

The building has now been hit three times this year.

Crews just got done replacing the side doors after a car crashed into that side of the building. Now they're just thankful that no one was inside the building at the time of the crash.

It's an accident that UPS Store owner Debbie Adams has seen coming for years.

“This has always been my biggest fear,” said Adams. “My sister can vouch for that.”

But when landlord Chris Cottongim found out a truck had slammed into his Broadway building his thoughts weren't with his business.

“At first you worry about the person,” said Cottongim. “You don’t want anybody to get hurt.”

A surveillance video caught the moment the Toyota came tearing through the door. The driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries, but the building wasn't as lucky.

“It knocked out a load bearing column at the corner,” said Cottongim.

However, the real damage may be deeper than a few broken bricks after the city said the building was unsafe.

“It’s the busiest time of the year,” said Adams. “We’ve actually started redirecting packages this morning.”

“We’re not letting the public in it,” said Cottongim. “As an owner I’ve been up into the building. I haven’t gone into these areas. I’m not going into it. It’s not worth it. When they get it shorn up we’ll get in there and assess the situation, but right now it’s a little sketchy.”

While the UPS Store will reopen--and odds are your package will arrive on time--they are asking you to keep one thing in mind.

“Be patient,” said Adams. “It’s going to be a little clunky tomorrow but we’ll make it work.”

The other businesses housed inside the building include two architects and a construction company, so crews have already been out here working to stabilize the building, which was built in the 1800s.

I've been inside and with a little cleaning it should be good as new.