LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) – The Louisville Water Company is working to have the water up and running for thirty homes without water by the end of Wednesday, Dec. 13. This effort comes after a massive water main break in the Shelby Park area on Tuesday.

The water main break impacted homes, businesses, and hospitals.

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LWC says there are two pipes that broke on Tuesday and they are working to repair them. One pipe is a 48-inch pipe and the other is a six-inch pipe. They hope to have the six-inch pipe repaired by Wednesday and will start on the 48-inch pipe by Wednesday afternoon or Thursday.

The bigger pipe never had any previous issues, according to LWC.

Responsibility for any damaged vehicles and homes are being taken care of by LWC. Claims officers have been out talking to affected people as of Tuesday.

A boil water advisory is already still in effect.

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Customers are advised to do the following:

  • Bring all water used for drinking, food preparation and cooking to a rolling boil for three minutes before consuming.
  • Not use chilled water lines on refrigerators.
  • Not use ice from automatic ice machines.
  • LWC said this break doesn’t change future repairs or plans. There are other pipes that are older but are regularly inspected.

NOTE: The American Red Cross has opened a shelter for those affected by the Shelby Park water main break. That facility is located at Sojourn Community Church and the address is 1303 South Shelby Street. This is to give residents a safe place to stay.