LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – The devastation and clean up that will follow Hurricane Harvey is why WHAS 11 is partnering with the American Red Cross for our effort called Kentuckiana Cares for Texas.

Anissa Campbell is a former WHAS11 intern and spent years in the Newburg neighborhood. She now lives in northwest Houston in the suburb of Cypress. Without the help of her neighbors and the National Guard, Campbell says she wasn't sure how much longer she would last in her flooded apartment on Aug. 27.

Campbell says her roommate works with one of the local fire departments.

"She had actually got in touch with her fire chief and said hey ya'll need to go over to my apartment is there and she is trapped."

Campbell sent pictures of her flooded apartment complex.

"Even 911 had some kind of recording and I couldn't even talk to anyone on 911. But then, I finally see some lights shining and it was neighbors that live on the other side of the parking lot and I screamed my head off – please I can't stay here so they came and got me," she said.

Harvey was downgraded from a hurricane Friday night to tropical storm throughout the weekend but its impact has been deadly, killing more than a dozen people and displacing tens of thousands.

"One of the guys was holding my bag and I was holding on to his shoulder as they guided me to the National Guard, we're treading through at this point, once we got down the steps and into the parking lot the water was to my chest," she said.

Campbell is 5-foot-4-inches tall.

"I heard one of the officers say we gotta leave right now, get her on because the Humvee is getting ready to tip over," Campbell exclaimed.

She says she was on board the Humvee with other displaced women and children.

If this daring recount of a Kentuckiana woman being rescued doesn't tug at your heart to donate, hopefully, the destructive images and lives lost will be enough for you to give.