LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- The woman who accused a Louisville Metro Police Officer of domestic violence told WHAS11 News she is beyond frustrated that the Clark County Prosecutor decided not to charge the officer.

“I prayed on it, and I hoped for, you know that justice would be served, and then when I got the call today I was very furious,” said Kayla Myers, his now ex-fiancée.

She told police that Officer Aaron Jaggers shoved her forcefully after an argument turned physical.

Jaggers was arrested after police observed a "large swollen lump" on his fiancé's forehead. It's still healing. She said Jaggers pushed her face first into a column in their home when she went to grab his cell phone.

“I just reached my hand out like I'm reaching to you and he liked shoved me into the wall.”

She said she reacted by slapping him. But Jaggers told police just the opposite. He said that she slapped him first, and that’s why he pushed her. Jaggers’ attorney, Larry Wilder told WHAS 11 News he was defending himself.

Clark County Prosecutor Jeremy Mull told WHAS 11 News that inconsistency played a big role in his decision not to charge Jaggers.

"These are two conflicting stories that based on my experience, if submitted to a jury would result in virtually no chance of any conviction occurring against mister Jaggers. And therefore, I made the decision not to file charges in the case."

Myers said the argument happened after a night of drinking and defended Jaggers by saying it was out of character, but she stands by her statement that he hit her first. She said she was afraid things could get worse, had she not called the police.

“Only he knows what happened and he has to live with that.”

The prosecutor's decision is final, but Myers says she's taking her own measures to protect herself. She has filed a ‘no contact order.’

“I feel like I am being victimized all over again, I feel like justice is not being served, I don't believe all cops are bad, but I do believe there are some that think they can hide behind their badge to get out of this.”

Louisville Metro Police Department put Jaggers on administrative leave as they conducted their own investigation.

Myers said she is moving out of the house that they lived in together and has ended the engagement.

She told WHAS 11 News she believes if Jaggers was not an officer, charges would have been filed.