LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Tom Jurich's legacy is heralded in a new letter from several of the coaches he hired.

Fifteen of the 20 plus head coaches from volleyball, to football, even the new men's head basketball coach signed the letter of support.

It comes as the board of trustees will meet Wednesday about his future as Athletic Director.

The letter reads in part, "Tom emphatically believes that our student-athletes come first."

“Tom Jurich's loyalty to his coaches, yeah that's a good thing but when you're negotiating with them, it's not a loyalty issue, they're on the other side, you're supposed to get the best deal you can for your side, not do favors for your friends," Steve Romines said.

Romines, a Louisville-based attorney, believes the Board of Trustees will move forward with firing the Athletic Director who has been on paid administrative leave since late September.

Romines adds, "They are moving on and they are trying to put this athletic administration and basketball program in the rear-view mirror and it's hard to do that if you keep the Athletic Director."

Jurich is a university employee and his contract does allow for him to be fired with or without cause.

"They had Ramsey and his crew doing his and Jurich and his crew doing Rick's and now it's time to pay the piper. If he gets fired for cause, he gets paid a year's salary and that is really unheard of," Romines said.

The majority of the coaches, on the other hand, say Jurich's importance to the school is invaluable, writing, "We fervently believe that Tom's leadership has transformed the University and has molded thousands of student-athletes who are now graduates of this great institution."

His base salary without incentives and bonuses stands at $484,293. If you add in incentives and bonuses, Jurich pulls in somewhere near $1.4 million.

Jurich's legal counsel was unavailable for comment Tuesday.


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