LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – After the University of Louisville’s press conference in which Athletic Director Tom Jurich, Coach Pitino and Interim President Dr. Pinto addressed the NCAA allegations, Katina Powell’s attorney, Larry Wilder, expressed disappointment that no one has apologized to his client for how she was treated when she told the truth.

“Problematically with what I sat here and listened to with you all and heard was, I heard no one, Scott Cox, Coach Pitino, apologize to Ms. Powell,” Wilder said.

Scott Cox is the attorney of Andre McGee, UofL’s former director of basketball operations, who is at the center of the men’s basketball team scandal. When the allegations were first brought against the program, Cox referred to Powell as a “whore” and “prostitute” who was “interested in making money.”

“They are wanting to make amends to everyone in Louisville but the lady who had the fortitude to be truthful and honest from the beginning,” Wilder said.

Now that the NCAA has found these allegations to be true, the university has vowed to improve security, and they encourage those who see something wrong to report it.

Wilder suggested that others may be discouraged from coming forward after seeing how his client was treated through the process.

“If it’s going to become a better institution because of [Powell’s] courage, then there is some thanks for that, I would think,” Wilder said.

Wilder assured WHAS11 that Powell has no regrets in coming forward with the truth and is ready for this to be over just as the university is.