LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – The University of Louisville's 3rd national championship banner is in doubt, pending the NCAA's ruling on the stripper scandal and now the FBI investigation.

So a big question is what's next for Rick Pitino? Will he work again in college basketball?

After all, he is not charged in the federal investigation. Pitino has said in the past that he wanted to coach several more years.

ESPN 680's Bob Valvano says the latest scandal to rock the University of Louisville men's basketball program is disappointing, he's known Rick Pitino for more than half a century telling us, "It’s sad to see the last part work out this way, and now we're waiting to see what the next part is going to be with his lawyer talking about a bare-knuckle fight, that's heartbreaking."

Valvano says the best career choice is a network TV analyst, "I think if he chooses to work again, I think that would be a logical thing, how soon is the question and I don't know. This thing is still an ongoing thing, I'm not sure someone is really going to want to bring him on until they know for sure where the FBI investigation is going, because you want a guy that's high profile and recognizable but you don't necessarily want a guy that's going to supersede the game."

What about continuing to coach? Valvano says that's a tough call, at least at the collegiate level due to the NCAA's ongoing investigation into the prostitution scandal involving the men's basketball team that was made public in 2015.

Valvano adds, "He's a brilliant coach, we all know that so maybe they try and do that. It could be the other way, as more things come out, maybe he looks, unfortunately, more involved, then there could be a show cause by the NCAA which makes it difficult for schools to hire somebody."

Valvano tells WHAS11 News that three scandals and ultimately being fired will without a doubt tarnish Pitino's legacy, "You're never going to bring up Richard Nixon without talking Watergate – it’s the same thing with this.

It's going to be difficult I think to talk about the great run they were having here, he didn't leave on his own volition, he left under unfortunate circumstances so yeah it's got to be a blemish, no question." It is a fall from grace with multiple investigations still underway.


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