LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Hundred-year-old trees were littering much of Cherokee Parkway Monday evening after a storm rolled through the Highlands

“The wind was just incredible. I opened the front door and it almost just blew the door out of my hands,” said one neighbor, Jim Morrow.

It took only seconds for the once towering trees, to topple onto homes, cars and streets.

“We heard just a pop crash and I heard glass a metal,” Vilma Fabre said.

Fabre said she was inside her home when the tree came crashing through the window.

“I heard the crash and I saw a tree, ya know, on my sofa and then water coming in,” she explained.

Just a few blocks down, another tree fell and this one ended up swallowing a blue car.

“I came out and no one was in the car and there was another car here, that one got moved so everyone seemed to be okay,” neighbor Sarah Barker said.

The car is a rental, and will be taken care of by insurance, according to the renter. The home also covered by insurance.

“We're lucky, honestly, this can be fixed,” Fabre said.

As soon as the sky cleared, the clean-up started.

“A lot of neighbors just came out and started helping each other out and moving out limbs,” Barker said.

Neighbors came from down the street to pick up the debris left behind by Mother Nature.

“Here we are trying to clean it up and move on,” Worrow said.

Losing a car or having damaged porch is one thing, but it's the loss of these hundred-year-old trees that seems to be hitting neighbors the hardest.

“The tree must be, what, 120, the house is 106 years old, the tree has to be at least that, so to be honest with you, I'm most disappointed I've lost a tree,” Fabre said.

Crews were working throughout the night to clear the streets.